The Romy Foods story began in 2011 with a unique, clear vision to reduce food waste across the world. This concept has further evolved into an international food network encompassing the whole value chain in the provision of quality ready-made meals.


Our vision:


Our zero-food waste vision is our commitment to a more sustainable foodservice industry. Driven by this philosophy, we have created the Romy Foods global food programme – A Meal for A Meal – to help defeat global hunger. For every gram of food-waste we eliminate, we re-invest in one gram where it is most needed. The eliminated food waste from one meal equals a fresh meal in a different location, hence A Meal for A Meal.


Our mission:



Our mission is to provide affordable plated meals all over the world through a unique delivery system while reducing food waste and supporting aid goals.


Our values:




Quality assurance









Our structure:



Romy Foods is the parent company across the organisation, providing specialist support such as marketing, finance and human resources to enable the various parts of the business to operate effectively. As the organisation grows, new specialist brands and concepts are developed and introduced to work with customers in the different markets in which the business operates.

To get a feeling of our company, watch the highlights from the Romy Foods conference 2018 in the video below:


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