1. How do I register my meal with Romy Foods?

In order to register your meal you can contact us online and we will send you the relevant information to be able to log into the system to register your meal and submit a sample of the ready-made meal/s. The Romy Foods Panel Team will test and evaluate the meal submitted for consistency, ingredients composition, flavour and visual presentation. If the food panel accepts the meal, the manufacturer will be asked to provide a number of meal samples for assessment, documentation and quality assurance purposes to a laboratory appointed by Romy Foods. Upon approval of the meal a license certificate will be issued in accordance with the “Romy Foods Manufacturer License Agreement” for each registered meal.

2. My manufacturer licence has expired, how do I renew?

Prior to the expiration of the annual license for each ready-made meal, Romy Foods will issue a Renewal Form to the Romy Foods Manufacturer in order to confirm information held in the database. Any changes to the meal, by the Romy Foods Manufacturer would need to be highlighted and submitted to Romy Foods not later than 30 days before the expiration of the license. The meal will again be assessed and tested for quality assurance purposes prior to the renewal of the license.

3. I would like to enter into a catering contract for a nursing home or refugee centre, what are the advantages of using Romy Foods?

At present Romy Foods have a database of 100+ types of ready-made meals with different options such as Low Fat, Reduced Salt, Vegan, Gluten Free & Halal. This range is continuously being enhanced through more Food Manufacturers from different countries joining Romy Foods. This should enable you to offer your residents a variety of meals from different cuisines at a competitive price per meal. Our meals are dispatched from distribution hubs strategically placed across Europe enabling efficient supply at short notice. We guarantee zero wastage and a faster response time to unforeseen demands.

4. I want to start serving different meals in my Pub or Canteen, is there a minimum order I need to effect?

There is no standard minimum order per meal, or the minimum mix of meals that can be ordered. To enjoy the best prices and distribution efficiency, it is recommended that orders are grouped to minimize on costs.

5. How long does it take to receive an order for ready-made meals?

Once orders are placed at the nearest hub, these are processed immediately. Subject to volume orders dispatched are made in a weekly basis.

6. Do I need to train my staff to plate the food in a professional manner for my customers to enjoy?

There is absolutely no need to train your staff to plate the food. Our ready-made meals are packed using the Torus Pak ® Packaging Technology. This innovative patented pack has a retractable base enabling a simple and yet sophisticated meal presentation every time. A large number of meals can be cooked simultaneously in a central kitchen and served onto a china plate thus ensuring that the meal presentation is intact worthy of a professional chef.

7. What is a customer?

A Romy Foods® customer can be a nursing home, a hospital, a refugee centre, a pub, a school or workplace canteen or any customer that wants to buy and enjoy healthy ready-made meals prepared around the world by professional food manufacturers.

8. What is a franchisee?

A Romy Foods® franchisee is a restaurateur that does not need to invest in a fully operational kitchen but requires only Romy Foods® regeneration equipment, industrial dish washers and frozen storage. The restaurant will serve our ready-made meals to its customers including delicious desserts. The franchisee has to follow specific guidelines in the management and operation of its restaurant in line with the franchise agreement.

9. What is a manufacturer?

A Romy Foods® manufacturer is a food manufacturer that is registered within the system to provide ready-made meals. Each meal has to be tested for consistency, ingredients composition, flavour and visual presentation. In addition further tests will be carried out by a lab for quality assurance purposes prior to a meal being registered in the Romy Foods® system. A manufacturer maybe located anywhere in the world, there is no restriction on location. Manufacturers will receive orders to provide the registered ready-made meals directly from the Romy Foods® distribution hubs.

10. What is a hub?

A Romy Foods® hub is a logistics operation that receives orders from our customers for ready-made meals. The hub will in turn ask the food manufacturers to provide the meals requested. The manufacturers will send the requested meals to the hub and the hub will then deliver to the customer.

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