12 Mar 2019

NHS supplier Anglia Crown UK joins the Romy Foods® Network


Romy Foods Corporation secures a long-term supply agreement with Anglia Crown. Aside from being a trusted supplier to the NHS in the United Kingdom, Anglia Crown is one of the leading food manufacturers catering to the private healthcare, education and care markets in the UK. As a result of this agreement, the Romy Foods®network will facilitate Anglia Crown's provision of more than 40 approved meals to NHS hospitals.

With over 25 years in business, Anglia Crown produces approximately 40,000 meals every day and caters to 100 hospital sites. It is one of the largest chilled and frozen food companies in the UK to be approved by the NHS to supply its patients.

Anglia Crown recognises the benefits of partnering with the Romy Foods® network of meal producers and international distribution HUBs. "Romy Foods® has always been technology-driven", said Paul Howell, Director & Co-Owner of Anglia Crown. "It is a key player in our continued success. We've experienced four successful years using its packaging partner's (Torus Pak®) technology, which has improved our efficiency, and reduced both production time and costs. We are looking forward to even greater benefits in this new chapter of our business relationship."

"We are delighted to welcome such a well-respected and significant player in the industry to our network", said Rickard Gillblad, CEO & Founder of Romy Foods®. "Connecting our technology and network to the UK healthcare market is a ground-breaking milestone, and we look forward to growing together with Anglia Crown, a trusted NHS partner."

The Romy Foods® story began in 2011 with a unique vision to build an international network connecting ready-meal designers, planners and producers with distribution HUBs and the food service clients they serve: from hospitals to brand name hospitality and other food service organisations; to reduce food waste; to contribute to a more responsible and sustainable food service industry; and to work to reduce world hunger, which is done through its global food programme, A Meal for A Meal.


Press Contact:

Philippa Cassar Montanaro, Communications & Media Relations

[email protected] | +356 7976 6903

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